Geiger Family Album

Elizabeth (Mechling) Turney's Birth, Confirmation and Marriage Fraktur.

Elizabeth (Mechling) Turney's Birth, Confirmation and Marriage Fraktur.

This beautiful fraktur documents important dates in the life of Esther (Turney) Geiger's mother: her birth on March 4, 1767 in Northampton County PA, her confirmation on Oct. 10, 1783 in Westmoreland County PA, and her marriage to Philip Dorny on June 1, 1786.

A translation appears below:

Elizabeth Dorny wife of Philip Dorny

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Dewold Mächling and his wife Sibela (see translation note below) had a daughter on the 4th day in March in the Year of our lord 1767. This daughter is born in Magunsehn (Macungie?)Township in Northampton county in the state of Pennsylvania and has been baptized and was given the name Elizabeth the (blank) day (blank) in the year of our lord (blank).

The witnesses to the baptism were (blank)

I have been baptized I'm standing in the bond
through my baptism with my lord
so I always speak with happy mouth (language)
In grim times in sadness, fear and need
the joy will remain forevermore

I have been baptized whether I die right away
What can a cool grave harm me
I know my fatherland and inheritance
that I have god in heaven
after my death it waits for me
the heavenly joy the celebratory dress

I have been baptized on your name
God, Father, son and holy ghost
I am counted as one of your seed

To the people that is named holy by you.
O! What luck was mine through this,
Lord, let me be worthy of it!

And was confirmed in the Evangelical (Lutheran) reformed religion by Mister Wilhelm Weber Reformed Preacher (Pastor) on October 10th 1783 in her 16th year in the Herolds Church in Hempfield Westmoreland County. And entered holy matrimony with Philip Dorny on June 1st 1786 in her 20th year of age.

Many thanks go to Ruth Huntington for sending this fraktur to be included in this album. Nina Scherenberg and Hans Klar provided the translation. Translation note: Nina gives Sibelia's maiden name as Aslenin but adds that she is not sure it is correct.