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"Pastor Leads A 'Dry' Raid"

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"Rural Valley Officials and Citizens Have an Initial Success.

"RURAL VALLEY, Nov. 7 [1922]. - Led by Rev. H. H. Nicholson, pastor of the Rural Valley Presbyterian church and president of the Christian Citizens League of Armstrong County, local officers visited the farm of Steve Zenko, located along the public road between NuMine and Sagamore, recently.

"They are said to have discovered a fully equipped still, a barrel of mash and three-quarters of a gallon of 'White Mule' on the premises.

"Their visit is said to have been in the nature of a surprise and Mrs. Zenko is alleged to have become so enraged over their coming that she seized an axe and demolished the jug holding the 'White Mule' as it was being held in his hand by one of the officers.

"Mr. Zenko was taken into custody and Rev. Mr. Nicholson preferred an information against him for violation of the prhibition laws. According to local people the Zenko place had been a popular rendezvous for those seeking booze and on one occasion it is alleged liquor was sold to a nine year old child."

Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana PA, 7 November 1922, p. 1.