Civic Histories - Numine Memories, by Mary Jane Otte Woodward

What I remember most about the mine was a humming sound over the town when the mine was operating. You could see the little coal cars, full of coal, climbing up the rail to the tipple and dumped inside. If there was an accident, a siren blew, and since some of the miners were trained to handle an emergency, they rushed to the scene to help.

Doc Crawford had a little ice cream and candy store along the main street where, for 5 or 10 cents, you could buy a little brown paper bag loaded with penny candy. I was one of his best customers.

NuMine had its own little theater. It was located across the street from the Presbyterian church and down a few doors toward Dayton. The building is still there and still being used for something. I saw an “Open For Business” sign there a few weeks ago.

There was a great Company Store, a regular little department store. It had a gas station on the side of the building, a basement, and first and second floor above. On the top floor was the shoe department, also on that floor was the Post Office and the store office. On the left side of the first floor were dry goods, and on the right, groceries. A set of stairs, going down inside the back of the store, lead to a very nice butcher shop in the basement.

NuMine was a great place to grow up. It has changed a lot over the passing years, but will always be a very special place to me.

Note: Scroll down to see a picture of Numine in the 1950s that Mary Jane has shared with us. The picture below it shows the same view taken in May, 2017.

NuMine in the 1950s
A picture of NuMine in the 1950s. Thanks to Mary Jane Woodward for sharing this.

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NuMine, May 2017
The same view of NuMine in May, 2017. Thanks to Chuck Colton for taking this picture and for sharing it.

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