The Genealogy Corner - Census Links

The links below will take you to census images on, and an overview of each census on the Rootsweb Wiki. To view the census images, you will have to establish a free account on FamilySearch.

In the lower left corner of each image (if your screen is wide enough), you will see a box labeled "Image Index" which you can click to open a transcript of the page you are viewing. Depending on the census, the transcript may be of limited value due to phonetic spelling of names and poor handwriting of census takers. Because the FamilySearch search engine uses the transcript, you may not find the person you are looking for easily. You may need to scroll through the census images.

The 1880-1940 censuses identify areas by Enumeration District - the area assigned to one census taker. Descriptions of the Enumeration Districts are from either (1) or (2) Steve Morse's collection of genealogy utilities.

Rural Valley Borough was established in 1900. The 1850-1890 censuses will include Rural Valley residents in the Cowanshannock Township listings unless otherwise noted.

Censuses before 1880 do not have Enumeration Districts so the Cowanshannock census will usually be in one large image file. Also, censuses earlier than 1880 do not list household members' relationships to the head of household.

Censuses before 1850 do not list every member of the household. They identify the head of the household by name, and give demographic information about the age and gender of the household members.

I need to research where the Cowanshannock area was legally located at the time of the 1800 and 1790 censuses.